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Macrame Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

Macrame snowflake tutorial

This project is simple - you can easily do this even if you are a beginner in Macrame, also this would be great activity with your kid! The snowflake is great as a stocking stuffer or as a last minute Christmas gift.

You will need 12 threads about 50 cm (20") long. I used white, pretty stiff thread with lurex, it helps to keep the Snowflake's shape. Waxed cotton or polyester/nylon would be another good option.

Also you will need 12 beads and a metal ring (diameter about 1,5 - 2 cm or 1/2 - 3/4"). You can make a ring yourself by wrapping a piece of wire around a pen. 

1. Affix the ring to the cushion. Then attach all 12 threads to the ring with the Lark's head knot. Add extra loops on the left and right in order to cover the entire ring. 

macrame snowflake macrame snowflake macrame snowflake


3. Take two edge threads from two different knots and pull through a bead. Then make a Square knot using these two threads as base and two threads from both sides of the bead as working threads.

macrame snowflake 

4. Repeat the 3rd step 6 times until you have all first 6 beads attached.

macrame snowflake

5. Take two working threads - one from two neighbor Square Knots. Use them as base threads, go out about 1 inch from the Square knot and make another one Square knot (now working threads will be base threads from previous Square knot - kind of like in the Chess Pattern). Pull it a little closer to the center of Snowflake creating a curve.

macrame christmas 


6. Pull two base threads through a bead and make a Square knot (pic.7). Drop clear glue on this knot to affix it, let it dry and cut extra threads.

macrame snowflake

7. Repeat steps 5 - 6 six times attaching all six beads. Your Christmas Ornament Snowflake is ready!

These are more a complicated versions of the Snowflake - try to make them too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

macrame snowflake Macrame snowflake pattern

 Many thanks to Antonina Lovebiser (Canada) from LiveJournal for these patterns and images.


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