Macrame Stone Necklace Tutorial 

Step-by-step instructions

macrame stone necklace

 macrame necklace tutorial


 For this necklace you will need 6 threads around 4-5 feet long each, total approxiamtelly 10 yards. I used

- waxed polyester cord  1mm Wax Polished Polyester Twisted Cord Macrame Jewelry String Beading Knotting Thread (Assorted Pack of 10),

- one tumbled amethyst stone (1" long) Natural Tumbled Stone Mix - 50 Pcs - Small Size - 0.75" to 1.25" - Average 1",

- three amethyst beads 8mm round natural amethyst gemstone beads strand 15",Jewelry Making Beads,

- and two small glass beads.

1. Put two of the cords aside. Take other 4 and start by making a Macrame Stone Wrap/Net. Make a Gourmand pattern or 1,5 Square knots (3 Flat knots) underneath. 

Macrame necklace tutorial

 2. Take two cords in the middle and pull a bead through.

Macrame necklace pattern

 3. Take three cords on one side of the bead. Using two of them as a base, make a sennit of Frivolite / Lark's Head knots with the third thread. Make sure that the loops are facing outward.

Macrame necklace tutorial

 4. I made 5 Frivolite knots, just eniugh to loop around the bead (you may need more or less, depending on the size of your bead. Then mount on the base threads one of the cords, that you put aside earlier.

Macrame necklace

 5. Tie on the base threads a Double Half hitch with one of the cords, that you have pulled through the bead.

Macrame stone necklace

6. Repeat steps 3-5 on the other side.

Macrame necklace tutorial

 7. Make a Diamond pattern on the six cords to the left. I made 3,5 "diamonds". Finish with a 1,5 Square knots (3 Flat knots).

Macrame gemstone necklace

 8. Pull a bead through two middle cords.

Macrame necklace tutorial



9. Make make sennits of Frivolite / Lark's Head knots on both sides of the bead.

Macrame necklace

 10. Then make another 1,5 Square knots (3 Flat knots) underneath.

Macrame necklace tutorial

 11. Continue with the Macrame Diamond pattern. I made 10 "diamonds", you can make more or less, depending on desired length of your necklace.

Macrame necklace tutorial

 12. Make a Square knots braid several inches long (mine is 2,5"). 

Macrame necklace tutorial


Macrame necklace tutorial

 13. Turn your necklace on reverse side and make a simple overhand knot with working threads. Then cut them off and apply some clear glue on the knot.

Macrame necklace closure


macrame closure

 14. Cut the base cords evenly to desired length (5-6 inches) and pull through them small beads. Tie a simple knot on the end of each thread.

macrame stone necklace


15. Make an adjustable clasp closure. Just put a thread 2-3 inches long underneath the base threads and make on the 5-6 Square knots. Then turn your necklace underside up and tie a knot, secure with a dot of glue (like in step 13), then cut off the extra cords.

macrame necklace clasp


macrame necklace closure

 Your beautiful Macrame Necklace is ready to wear!

Macrame stone necklace



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