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Macrame Violet Flower

Step-by-step tutorial

macrame flower tutorial


This flower is very easy to make - there is only one knot that you need to use! 

Take around 3 yards of 0.5 - 1 mm cord (I used 0.5 mm satin cord and the flower turned out 1" in diameter).

1. Double the cord and pull 3 beads through it, make a simple overhand knot underneath.

Macrame flower tutorial

 2. Using one of the ends as a working cord and another - as a base, start making Frivolite / Lark's Head knots.

Macrame violet tutorial

3. Make 8-9 knots and make a loop, then tie the ends between the 1st and 2nd knots - this will be a smaller petal. 

Macrame flower tutorial

 4. 13-14 knots make a bigger petal.

Macrame violet flower tutorial

 5. Repeat the 3rd step, creating a double petal.

Macrame violet tutorial

 6. Make 6 petals total.

Macrame flower tutorial

7. At the end, tie the ends to the very first loop/petal. 

Macrame violet tutorial


Macrame flower tutorial

You can make a bouquet of violets!

Macrame flower tutorial



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