Welcome to my website, dear Macramakers! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! Have a blessed 2021 year ahead of you! I sure hope it will be more healthy and wealthy than 2020!! 

This Macrame Christmas tree I made following this Youtube tutorial with some small changes - and I enjoyed making it so much! It requers around 10 yards of cord and I attached a small Christmas bell on the top and several small silver beads on the bottom.

Macrame Christmas tree

There was a meme saying: Crocheters and Knitters, do not fear self quarantine. This is what we have been training for! I would add - and Macramers! It's great to have a hobby during this hard time.. This is my latest Macrame wall hanging, and many more to come)) It was a very simple pattern, and I tried to weave in some colorful wool yarn at first time. I like the result!

Stay safe, happy, and healthy, my dear friends!


macrame wall hanging


Just finished this Macrame Hearts wall hanging tutorial. I combined in it all my favorite features - I wanted it to be two-tone, two-layers, and include hearts design (my current favorite). Simple but elegant. I was inspired by this macrame wall hangings by macrame master Ulijana, who is certainly very talented, and help all my macrame friends to make this piece of home decor themselves. The best of luck with this project! 

macrame wall hanging tutorial

I'm very happy to announce a new tutorial on this website - Macrame Lace Doily! I've been getting a lot of requests to make a tutorial for these Macrame mandalas, and finally I had some time to complete it. There are a lot of steps, but don't let it discourage you - the project might be lengthy and seems complicated, but it is actually pretty easy and uses only several common Macrame knots. The outcome will be a beautiful lace-like doily for your home, or you can use this pattern to make a round wall hanger - dreamcatcher style!

Buddhists say that mandalas, or circle designs like this one, transmit positive energies to the environment and to the people who view them. They are believed to purify a soul and heal a body. I don't know about that, but they certainly look good on a table or on a wall. Good luck with your project!

macrame doily tutorial

macrame round placemat tutorial



For some reason I just love the leaves and twigs pattern and wanted to make one myself for a while. Finally I made it. Not perfect, but I like it!! 

macrame leaves wall hanger


Hooray! I finally updated the Macrame Butterfly tutorial - the most popular tutorial on this website according to the hits count (close to 27 thousands so far!!). I constantly get compliments about this project - but I always felt bad for the blurry pictures and sometimes unclear instructions, that I posted many years ago. Ok, I redeemed myself and now can sleep at night)) All new images - more than 20 of them!! Step-by-step instructions are easier to understand now (I hope!!). And at last - but not least! - I added a pdf download! For only $1.99 you will get thetutorial in more convinient printable format, plus even more instructional images and extra tips on How to make the Macrame Butterfly! Good luck with your Macrame projects!

macrame butterfly tutorial

Recently I decided to make a relaxing Macrame night light out of regular Mason Jar. Hundred  feet of cord, couple days of work - and this is the result:

macrame mason jar wrap

Well, actually this Macrame light-up Jar was a birthday gift for my wonderful Aunt))

If you would like to make one for yourself - check out this brand new Macrame Wrapped Jar tutorial

..Just turn on the fairy lights, turn off the lights and relax - you worked hard today!



Happy holiday season, dear friends! Of course, every macra-maker should have a Macrame ornament on their Christmas tree. I've seen so many ideas for wonderful Christmas tree decor online, but my favorite are those from AlexArt. I'm in love with these scalloped lace designs!! They inspired me on making some of the decorations myself, and I'm gladly sharing the Macrame Christmas Ornament tutorial with you!

 Macrame Christmas ornament

I finally made it! My first Endless Knot Macrame Bracelet. Another name for these kind of pattern is Caltic Knot, Basket Weave pattern. I was always in love with this interlace design.. And it turned out not that hard to make! I put together a step-by-step tutorial how to create your own Macrame Celtic Bracelet (or a hairclip), hope it will be helpful for you. You can also buy a PDF of this tutorial for only $1.99. Love, Olga

Macrame endless knot bracelet

Hello, friends! I just made this Macrame Halloween kitty. Named him Spooky!)) Although I think it turned out not spooky, but mysterious.. I used a pattern from this my Macrame cat tutorial, just used black threads instead of orange. 

Macrame halloween cat

Recently I fall in love with circular Macrame patterns. I don't know why, but all those round patterns just wouldn't miss my attention! Macrame doilies, Macrame coasters, Macrame dreamcatchers and round wall hangings - I want to make them all!! Here is a colorful Macrame coaster that I made, plus the beautiful hand-dyed Macrame doilies by talented Svetlana Yamolkina. Enjoy!

macrame coaster


I would like to congratulate all my website visitors with the Independance Day (even if they don't live in the USA - I wish you a wonderful day!). This Macrame 4th of July Bracelet is just in time for the holiday! I'm still putting the tutorial for this Macrame bracelet together - please forgive me for the wait.. But it is fairly easy to make and you can show off your pride on the future holidays, or just because!

Happy 4th of July!!

 Love, Olga

 macrame usa bracelet

Happy International Womens Day, ladies! And Happy spring! Let's celebrate this wonderful holiday and beautiful season with these Macrame flowers! One of my favourite spring blooms are violets - so, I made these very easy Macrame Violets.. Hope you like them! If you would want to make them yourself - the new Macrame Violet Flower tutorial is coming soon.

macrame flower

macrame violet

macrame flower

What will you give this year to your special "valentine(s)"? A heart? A rose? What about both?? You can call it a Hearty Rose or a Rosy Heart - in any case, it will make your loved ones very happy! Attach it to a gift as a decoration, use it as a brooch, a hair clip or a pendant... The Valentine's Day Heart/Rose tutorial is in working progress!

macrame heart

Ok, it's October already - and Halloween time! I always wanted to make a Macrame Bat, but I couldn't find any tutorial for the it on Internet, so I decided to create the pattern myself. Hope you like it! It can be used as a pin, earrings or a pendant, like on the picture below (many thanks to my daughter for posing patiently!), or even as a home decor, if you use thick thread.

If you made my Macrame Butterfly, then this Macrame Bat will be easy project for you, because I used many details from that tutorial.. I'm working on the Macrame Bat tutorial page now, so bookmark the page!

Macrame Bat

This Macrame wall hanging, with its falling "leaves" and ripe red "berries", is perfect for fall decor! And it is so much fun to make..


UPDATED The Macrame flower bracelet tutorial is completed!

Summer is almost over - but i don't want to let it go! Maybe that is why I keep making these bright and sunny Flower bracelets! They are stretchy - I don't really like bracelet's closures, they are so uncomfortable! Much easier just to slip the bracelet on. For this piece of jewelry I used silk thread and matching elastic thread for base (and some painted wooden beads). There are just two types of knots - the Square knot and the Frivolite knot. Working on detailed tutorial now!

macrame bracelet

Check out my new tutorial - Macrame Hammock step by step instructions! What can be better on a hot summer day than relaxing in a comfortable Macrame hammock, that you've made yourself? You deserved to be pampered!

The design belongs to macrame master Antonina Kulikova from  and has lots of extras, that are optional. The main pattern of the Macrame hammock is actually not too hard to recreate. Are you ready for the challenge?

macrame hammock

Flowers flowers everywhere! This new wall hanging tutorial is just in time for spring. It is so vintage - and modern at the same time! I found this pattern in one old foreign Macrame magazine and loved it. I think macro-macrame is more relaxing than micro-macrame... Enjoy it! Please check out my new and updated tutorial on this floral Macrame Wall hanging

macrame wall hanging



Happy Chinese New Year - the Year of the Monkey!



Gifts of gemstone jewelry with a loved one’s birthstone are very popular. Use a heart-shaped stone - and make this very personal Heart Stone wrap pendant for Valentine's Day. It is easy, but means so much, and looks great! Macrame Stone Wrapping macrame stone wrapping

I saw this picture of beautiful baby bassinet on some social network website and just had to share! Unfortunately I was unable to locate the author, but he or she sure is very talented!

 macrame bassinet

Wishing to all the crafty people out there a wonderful year ahead, filled with bright ideas, inspiration and great achievements! Be knotty - and nice! Happy New Year!

Crafty people never forget about their hobbies - even celebrating a holiday. Look what you can do with the champagne or wine bottles left after New Year Eve party!

 macrame bottle netting

These amazing - or more like MACRAMEzing - flowers were created by a talented crafter from Russia Svetlana Yamolkina. When it is winter outside, isn't it nice to enjoy a view of this pretty spring blooms? It warms me up inside!! Hope you will enjoy them too. Let me know in comments if you would like to see a full tutorial for these Macrame flowers.

macrame iris flower macrame lily flower