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Recently I fall in love with circular Macrame patterns. I don't know why, but all those round patterns just wouldn't miss my attention! Macrame doilies, Macrame coasters, Macrame dreamcatchers and round wall hangings - I want to make them all!! Here is a colorful Macrame coaster that I made, plus the beautiful hand-dyed Macrame doilies by talented Svetlana Yamolkina. Enjoy!

macrame coaster


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I would like to congratulate all my website visitors with the Independance Day (even if they don't live in the USA - I wish you a wonderful day!). This Macrame 4th of July Bracelet is just in time for the holiday! I'm still putting the tutorial for this Macrame bracelet together - please forgive me for the wait.. But it is fairly easy to make and you can show off your pride on the future holidays, or just because!

Happy 4th of July!!

 Love, Olga

 macrame usa bracelet

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Happy International Womens Day, ladies! And Happy spring! Let's celebrate this wonderful holiday and beautiful season with these Macrame flowers! One of my favourite spring blooms are violets - so, I made these very easy Macrame Violets.. Hope you like them! If you would want to make them yourself - the new Macrame Violet Flower tutorial is coming soon.

macrame flower

macrame violet

macrame flower

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What will you give this year to your special "valentine(s)"? A heart? A rose? What about both?? You can call it a Hearty Rose or a Rosy Heart - in any case, it will make your loved ones very happy! Attach it to a gift as a decoration, use it as a brooch, a hair clip or a pendant... The Valentine's Day Heart/Rose tutorial is in working progress!

macrame heart

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Ok, it's October already - and Halloween time! I always wanted to make a Macrame Bat, but I couldn't find any tutorial for the it on Internet, so I decided to create the pattern myself. Hope you like it! It can be used as a pin, earrings or a pendant, like on the picture below (many thanks to my daughter for posing patiently!), or even as a home decor, if you use thick thread.

If you made my Macrame Butterfly, then this Macrame Bat will be easy project for you, because I used many details from that tutorial.. I'm working on the Macrame Bat tutorial page now, so bookmark the page!

Macrame Bat

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This Macrame wall hanging, with its falling "leaves" and ripe red "berries", is perfect for fall decor! And it is so much fun to make..


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UPDATED The Macrame flower bracelet tutorial is completed!

Summer is almost over - but i don't want to let it go! Maybe that is why I keep making these bright and sunny Flower bracelets! They are stretchy - I don't really like bracelet's closures, they are so uncomfortable! Much easier just to slip the bracelet on. For this piece of jewelry I used silk thread and matching elastic thread for base (and some painted wooden beads). There are just two types of knots - the Square knot and the Frivolite knot. Working on detailed tutorial now!

macrame bracelet

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Check out my new tutorial - Macrame Hammock step by step instructions! What can be better on a hot summer day than relaxing in a comfortable Macrame hammock, that you've made yourself? You deserved to be pampered!

The design belongs to macrame master Antonina Kulikova from  and has lots of extras, that are optional. The main pattern of the Macrame hammock is actually not too hard to recreate. Are you ready for the challenge?

macrame hammock

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Flowers flowers everywhere! This new wall hanging tutorial is just in time for spring. It is so vintage - and modern at the same time! I found this pattern in one old foreign Macrame magazine and loved it. I think macro-macrame is more relaxing than micro-macrame... Enjoy it! Please check out my new and updated tutorial on this floral Macrame Wall hanging

macrame wall hanging

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Happy Chinese New Year - the Year of the Monkey!

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Gifts of gemstone jewelry with a loved one’s birthstone are very popular. Use a heart-shaped stone - and make this very personal Heart Stone wrap pendant for Valentine's Day. It is easy, but means so much, and looks great! Macrame Stone Wrapping macrame stone wrapping

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I saw this picture of beautiful baby bassinet on some social network website and just had to share! Unfortunately I was unable to locate the author, but he or she sure is very talented!

 macrame bassinet

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Wishing to all the crafty people out there a wonderful year ahead, filled with bright ideas, inspiration and great achievements! Be knotty - and nice! Happy New Year!

Crafty people never forget about their hobbies - even celebrating a holiday. Look what you can do with the champagne or wine bottles left after New Year Eve party!

 macrame bottle netting

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