Macrame Bookmark / Friendship bracelet

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

 macrame rainbow bracelet


macrame bracelet

•X - Square Knot 

•W - Wind Knot 

•R - Double Half Hitch 

•S - Spiral Braid 

•G - "Gourmand" pattern 

•C - Chain Braid 

•K - Capuchin Knot 

•F - Frivolite 

•L - Loop Knot 

•H - Chameleon Braid 

•B - "Berry" Pattern 

 This pattern is suitable both for making a bookmark and easy Friendship bracelet. Just leave longer fringe in case you want a bracelet - enough to tie the ends in a knot. 

1. Prepare 10 threads about 75 cm (30 inches) long, or 4 times longer than the length of the future bookmark. Friendship bracelet threads will be perfect for this project.

2. Place the threads in this order: two blue threads on the edges, two red threads the second from the edge, etc – in the middle will be two threads the same color. Fix all threads with pins (don’t forget to leave 1-2 inches of thread for the fringe, or for ties - in case you are making a Friendship bracelet). 

3. Take the edge thread and using it as a base cord, start tying on it Diagonal Hitch with 4 Double Half Hitches. Make the diagonal Hitch from another edge too. In the middle you will tie a Double Half Hitch with two base threads (Note: The middle knot should always have the same color as a current base thread. It will be your guide that you are doing everything correctly!). 

4.Use the outermost thread in the second row as a base cord and repeat Step 3. Create approximately 20 rows of Hitches (for bracelet - keep going until the bracelet is half-width of your wrist). 

5.Take the two middle threads in the last row and pull them to the edges. Use them as base threads and complete Diagonal Hitches (one row). 

6.Make a sennit with all threads you have, or tie a large Square knot, or one of your favorite knots – use your imagination! 

7.Take the same base threads (Step 5) and pull them to the middle. Tie on them Diagonal Hitches (one row) under your sennit or knot. 

8.Now you will be doing an “inside out” version of the Step 3: use the middle threads as base cords and tie on them Diagonal Hitches directed outside. Make approximately 20 rows of Hitches (or - for bracelet - keep going until it loosely fits around your wrist).

9. Leave 1-2 inches for the fringe and cut the threads evenly. You can also sew small flat beads to your Bookmark/Bracelet. If this is a bracelet, tie simple knots on both edges and tie around your wrist.

 macrame friendship bracelet multi-color

 macrame bookmark