Macrame Flower Pendant

Step-by-step instructions

macrame flower 

For the chain and frame you will need 4 nylon  cords 3 m (3,5 yards) each, for the flowers and leaves – 3 (or 2) cords 3 m each and 2 cords 2 m (2,3 yards) each. Also you will need a frame (plastic, wooden or metal), oval or round, about 3 inches high and 2 inches wide.

1. Making chain and frame 

Double the first 4 cords and fix centers to cushion. Make a chain in both directions from center. You can use Square knots, Spiral braid, Chain braid. The length of chain is approximately 20-25". Fix the ends of cords on frame with Double Half Hitch knots, then twine the frame around with Lark's Head knots

2. Making Flowers 

Take 2 threads 3 m each, double them and fix to cushion. Make a Chain braid consisting of 18-20 Loop knots

Then put all four cords together and make a flower, similiar to one in this Macrame flower tutorial

macrame instructions

Macrame flower tutorial

The same way create a smaller flower, making 2 Horizontal Hitches to the right, then 2 to the left.

3. Making Leaves 

The leaves are made on the same 4 threads, that were used for the flowers in the previous step. 

Make 8 Horizontal Hitches (direct the base cord from right to left), then leave out one inner cord and make 3-5 more rows of Hitches, then leave one more inner cord out, make another 3-5 Hitches. Now to the other side of our leaf - make 8 Horizontal Hitches (direct the base cord from left to right), then repeat the previous steps. When finished, turn the item on opposite side, tie together the inner cords, that you left out, and cut off the extra cords.

 macrame leaf

4. Making small flowers 

Take one cord, double it and fix to cushion. Make a Spiral braid consisting of about 10 Loop knots, then make 8 The Picot Frivolité Knots and curve them with a Loop knot in shape of a Flower. Then make a Spiral braid again. Repeat this step 3-4 times – you will have a braid with 4 tiny flowers. Set aside as well.

macrame flowers

5. Making small leaves 

Take a second thin cord, double it and fix to cushion. Make a Chain braid of about 12 Loop knots. Continue with The Square Knot braid with Picots. 6-7 pairs of Picots will be enough. Then make a short Spiral braid.

how to macrame

6. Arranging the Pendant’s pattern 

You are free to arrange all of your flowers and leaves on the frame as you wish (or you can repeat my arrangement). Anyway, it is almost impossible to create two identical pendants. Sew all elements to the frame with a needle and thin thread. Gather all the ends together in lower part of frame and fix them to your frame also. Tie Capuchin knots at the ends of cords and cut off extra cord.  

Also you can color your pendant with any fabric dye, applying it with a small brush.

macrame flower 

This is another way to display the Macrame flowers and leaves that you just created - frame them and put on the wall! 

macrame flower 

 The pattern and some images are courtesy of Anna Krauze, "Macrame", 1987, Uzbekistan.