Macrame Pendant

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

macrame pendant 


Necessary materials to make the pendant:

 2 threads about 2 1/2 yards (240 cm) long

 8 threads about 1/2 yards (40-50 cm) long

 1 ring (plastic, wooden, metal, etc) about 1,5-2 inches (3-5 cm) in diameter. You can buy it in any crafts store or you can make it yourself or even use a simple split key ring as I did. I used cotton threads #3 size, but any nylon, polyester silk or cotton 1 - 2 mm cord would be okay. My favorite these days for making macrame jewelry is waxed cotton and polyester cord - it looks great and holds knots perfectly. 

1. Take two long (240 cm) threads, double them and from the middle make the Chain Braid to your desired length (25 - 30 cm).

2. Place one of the shorter threads (50 cm) on top of the 4 ends of your finished Chain Braid. Make a Horizontal Hitch, using the shorter thread as a base thread. You should have 6 ends now.

macrame pendant

3.Using the second shorter thread as a base, make a second row of the Double Half Hitches. Add one extra cord (50 cm) on each side. Repeat this step for creating the 3rd and 4th Horizontal Hitches

macrame how to

4. Take the 12 central ends and attach them to a ring with the Lark's head knots (you should have 18 ends total now). Weave the closest thread around the ring, and using it as a base, make 6 Horizontal Hitches, moving from left to right and then from right to left, etc. 

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5. Take 6 central threads and make 3 Chain braids. Their length should be equal to the diameter of the ring. Mount the ends on the opposite side of the ring with the Double Half Hitches

how to macrame

6. Weave the rest of the threads around the rest of the ring, on both of its sides. Alternatively you can weave just an edge thread around the ring and hide its end on the opposite side of the pendant, like I did.

macrame pendant instructions

 7. Finish your work using The Clear Edge Method. Take the first edge thread as a base, make a Horizontal Hitch from one side towards the center, adding threads to the base one by one. Repeat on the other side.

macrame jewelry instructions

8. Tie all the ends together with the Wind Knot. Enjoy your pendant! 

These are three different versions of this pendant, try to make them all!

macrame pendants

macrame pendant