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macrame stone wrap

There are a lot of tutorials on the web, describing how to wrap a stone, but this one is my favorite. I believe it is called Hippie style Macrame stone wrap. It is easy, holds a stone very tight and looks beautiful!

Cut six cords - I used waxed cotton thread. Measure around your stone and add couple of inches - it will be length of two pull-through cords (my cords are around 5 inches each). Put them aside for now.

Cut six more threads four times longer than the first two (around 20 inches). 

1. Take the 6 cords and attach them to your working suface, leaving around one inch to the top. I tied the threads together, because it works better for me, but it is unnecessary step)

macrame wrap

2. Put aside 2 outmost threads and make 4 Square knots with 4 middle threads.

macrame hippie stone wrap

3. Then separate your 6 cords on two parts, and make two Square knots on each side. You will have only one base thread (previously a working thread), an outmost and a base thread will be your working ends.

4. Put together 4 middle threads (leaving out the 2 outmost threads again) and tie 4 more Square knots. Repeat 2-4 steps until you have desired length (you can put the braid around your stone). Notice that you are leaving small loops on the edges of your sennit.

5. Finish with two side-by-side Square knots and connect them with one Square knot (step 3), then unpin your work and repeat this step on the opposite side of your braid.  

Macrame stone wrap

Macrame heart

6. Thread two shorter threads through the loops of your braid. 

7. Wrap the sennit tightly around your stone and tie the ends of the thread that you pulled through.

Macrame stone wrap

8. Put all 8 threads together and tie 10-12 Square knots

Macrame stone wrap

Macrame stone wrap

9. Then make a Berry pattern. Hide the extra threads on reverse side of the wrap (if needed, cut them off or burn them off with a lighter).

You can use the loop to attach a chain to the stone wrap. I made a simple Chain Braid for this purpose.

Enjoy your Macrame Stone wrap!

Macrame stone wrap

macrame stone wrap instructions

Macrame stone wrap