Macrame Stone Wrap / Suncatcher

Step-by-step instructions

 macrame suncatcher

This Macrame stone wrap can be used as a suncatcher, car rear view mirror hanger or a keychain. 

For this project you will need 4 threads 2-3 feet each, one tumbled stone and several glass or gemstone beads.

1. Start by making a Macrame Stone wrap. Separate your cords in two sets of 2 threads - and place two threads on top of other two, criss-crossing them in the middle, like on the picture below.

macrame stone wrap


2. Make a Cross knot in the middle.


macrame stone wrap

3. Then tie the Connect knots with each pair. You will have 4 knots. 

macrame stone net

I attached my wrap to the stone with a piece of tape - it makes it easier for me to work on the project.

macrame stone bag

Or you can just pin it to a cushion and try the stone on from time to time.

macrame stone wrap

4. Next you take a left thread from one knot and the right thread from another knot and make the second row of Connect knots (basically it is the same as the Macrame fishnet, just going around a stone).

macrame stone wrap

5. Usually after 3-4 rows of knots stone sits tightly in the wrap - now you can gather all 8 cords together and make a sennit of Square knots, to create a loop, like in this Macrame Stone Wrap project. 

macrame stone wrap

 6. Pull a bead through the middle two threads. Make sennits of Frivolite / Lark's Head knots on both sides of the bead (you will have two base cords on each side). Pull little beads through the working cord between each two knots.

macrame stone wrap

7. Make a Square knots braid of approximately 10 Square knots.

macrame patterns beads


macrame flower


8. Make a Berry pattern. Turn your work to its underside, make simple overhand knots, apply clear glue and cut off extra cords (or burn them off with a lighter), like in Step 13 of the Macrame Necklace tutorial.

macrame berry pattern


9. Pull 5 cords 5-7" long through the Cross knot at the bottom of the Stone wrap (use a needle if the knot is too tight).  

macrame wrap


10. Put small beads on the ends of the threads and tie underneath them simple knots to keep the beads in place. 

macrame keychain


11. With the longest thread make a Wind knot around all the threads. The Macrame Gemtone Suncatcher is ready!

macrame suncatcher

macrame stine wrap