Macrame Wall Hanging Flowers and Leaves 

Step-by-step instructions

macrame wall hanging tutorial

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To make this wall hanging, measuring approximately 17" by 48", you will need 32 cords 9-10 yards each, and 2 cords 8-9 yards each (for the frame), plus - optionally - 25 yards for Spiral braids (see details below). For the pictured wall hanging was used natural flax (linen) cord 2 mm thick, but cotton or poly 2-4 mm thread would be a good choice also. 

1. Double each of 32 cords and mount them with the Lark's head knots on a bar about 18" long. You will have now 64 cords to work with. Put aside for now 2 longer cords - later we will make Vertical braids on each side, creating wall hanging's frame. 

macrame wall hanging tutorial

2. First, we will create the Diamond pattern, and then inside the "diamonds" we will make flowers and leaves designs. Start by making two rows of Diagonal Hitches from the both sides to the middle and from the middle to sides. Each side of the rhombus/diamond consists of 14 Double Half Hitches (only top half-diamonds' sides have 15, because one outmost working cord will become a base thread in the second row of Diagonal Hitches). 

macrame wall hanging tutorial


macrame wall hanging tutorial

3. Once you have a top of the first diamond created, you can create a flower inside it. Using the 6th and the 10th threads from top as working cords, make a Square knot on three threads on the middle (3 base threads).

macrame wall hanging

Then create 5 Diagonal Hitches (close to each other) consisting of 5 Double Half Hitches. I highlighted the working cord with red.


Macrame free tutorials



macrame tutorial


macrame wall hanging tutorial

Finish the petal with another Square knot.

macrame free tutorials


Repeat on another side.

macrame wall hanging

Tie a Cross knot on 10 cords in the middle of your flower. Then make two more Square knots and continue making other two flower petals.

macrame flower


macrame flower tutorial

 Then make Square knots at the ends of the petals, and finish the Diamond pattern.

macrame wall hanging

 Also you can make this style petal:

macrame tutorials


macrame wall hanging

4. Inside other diamonds you can make the leaves design. Start by making a Diagonal Hitch from the middle of the diamond's side, consisting of 14-15 Diagonal Hitches. Then make another Diagonal Hitch, leaving some distance, and using the top working cord as a base thread. Repeat with the third Diagonal Hitch. 

macrame leaves pattern


macrame leaves design


Tie all three Hitches with a Square knot.

macrame leave tutorial


Now finish the Diamond pattern.

macrame leave


5. Now to the wall hanging's frame. On both sides mount doubled cords (8-9 yards) long, making sure that one end - it will be a working cord - is 4-5 times longer than another end, which is approximately 50". Make a simple Vertical braid by alternating right- and left-handed Loop knots (basically it is a Lark's Head knots / Frivolite braid). At the point, when the braid will reach the outer corner of the Diamond pattern, make couple of the Loop knots on the two base cords from the Diagonal Hitches plus the original base cord, and then continue with just one base cord.

macrame wall hanging tutorial


6. Alternate the "diamonds" with flowers and leaves designs, and, if you wish, empty "diamonds". Feel free to create your own pattern! Finish your work with a fringe.

 macrame wall hanging fringe

Optional: Make two Spiral braids 50" long for each side and/or one long Spiral braid (2 - 2,5 yards long) and pull it through the "diamonds", kind of connecting the leaves and flowers together. You may need a needle with thread to attach the Spiral braids to your work securely.

Enjoy your beautiful handmade Macrame Wall hanging

 Macrame wall hanging