Macrame Hair Elastic / Stretch Bracelet Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions with photos

macrame hair elastic

macrame hair ties

The tutorial is under construction, please check back later!


You will need 3 elastic cords - one around 10" long, 2 other elastic cords 40" long and 3-5 beads (I used Shamballa and Gemstone Agate beads).

1. Double the longer cords and attach them to cushion crosswise. Also fix the shorter cord, stepping back about an inch from its top. Ypu will have 4 ends to work with, plus one shor cord, that will go in the middle of the pattern.

2. Make 7-8 Cross knots with the four ends - make sure that the 5th, shorter, end stays in the middle of the sennit. 

macrame stretch blacelet

3. Pulla bead through the middle cord.

macrame bracelet tutorial

 4. Keep making Cross knots underneath the bead.

macrame hair elastic

5. Repeat the pattern desired amount of times - 

macrame stretch bracelet


macrame hair elastic pattern

To cover the knots you can use crimp beads, that you can find in a jewelry making section of any crafts store. Or you can use a regular pencil topper, that holds eraser. It can be easily removed from the pencil with pliers. Then I pull out the eraser, cut it lengthwise and fold around the section with all those ugly knots. You can also use a dot of glue to hold the cover in place. I sometimes paint the topper with matching color nail polish - I like the effect!

macrame stretch bracelet pattern

These two bracelets are from website - the second one is made without the middle thread, and used 3 threads total instead of 4. Beads are pulled through the working cords.


macrame hair elastic

macrame bracelet tutorial