Valentine's Day Macrame Heart Rose

Step-by-step tutorial with pictures

macrame heart макраме роза сердце


For this project you will need 5 cords (nylon, satin, etc 1mm or less) 3 feet each (15 feet total).

 1. Mount 4 cords on the 5th cord with the Lark's head knots.

macrame heart rose

2. Then bring the ends of the base cord together and tie them with a simple overhand knot. 

macrame rose tutorial

 3. One of the two cords that you just tied together will be a base cord and another one - working cord. Make a Double Half Hitch.

macrame heart tutorial

4.  Then continue doing Double Half Hitches with each of next 8 ends, creating a circle (kinda looking like a snail shell).

macrame rose heart tutorial

 5. Next, start gathering the cords together - make the first Double Half Hitch on one base cord (the base cord is the same as in the previous steps, winding in the same direction).

macrame heart

 6. Then bring together the working cord and a base cord and make a Double Half Hitch with the next end on those two cords. Next you will have 3 base cords, then 4 cords, etc. 

macrame flower

7. Leave next 5 working cords out (you have 5 base threads). The very first working cord will be used later to tie the Rose "petal".

macrame heart

 8. Next take one of the 5 base cords and make a Double Half Hitch on the rest 4 cords. 

macrame valentines day

 9. Continue making the knots, but every time leave a working cord out - until you're down to one cord. 

macrame rose

10. Then, like I wrote before, leave the first end out, use the second cord as a base, and make a Double Half Hitch with the third end.

macrame heart tutorial

11. Then make a Double Half Hitch on two base cords (like in the step 6). Leave some distance between the rows of the Hitches - it will create "petal's" curve.

macrame flower tutorial

12. Leave the second or third working cord out - we will use it later to tie the last "petal". 

macrame tutorials

13. After you will gather all cords together, continue as in the steps 8-9 - leaving the working cords out. 

macrame rose pattern

14. Tie the base cord and the first cord that we have left out with a simple overhand knot. 

macrame heart pattern

15. Now we will make the second, big petal. Do Double Half Hitches, like showen on the pictures below, with an extra loop:

macrame flower pendant

 Extra loop: 

macrame patterns

16. Don't forget to leave some distance between the Hitches to create a curve. Here is how your project will look like after you gather all 8 cords together: 

macrame heart rose

17. Next step - again leaving out the working cords, one at a time, until only one cord is left (like in the steps 8-9).

how to macrame heart

18. Tie together the last cord and the thread, that you left out in the step 12. 

macrame heart how to


19. Turn the Macrame Rose/Heart underside up, cut off extra cords. To secure the cut ends, you can tie them in pairs and then cut off and burn the cords (if the thread is poly, nylon, etc) or you can apply some clear glue on the knots.


macrame heart tutorial

Your Macrame Heart Rose is ready! Attach a cord to it (for a necklace), simple Macrame braid (for a bracelet), hair clip or a pin (to wear as a brooch). Or just decorate your special Valentine's Day gift or a handmade card with it!

Thank you for reading my tutorial, hope you enjoyed it. Happy Valentine's Day! 

macrame heart rose tutorial

macrame rose heart pendant макраме роза сердце