Macrame Cat

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Macrame cat tutorial



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macrame halloween cat


This Macrame cat is about 2,5" long. To make it you will need 12 threads (I used 1mm waxed cotton cord) 3' long each, - total 36-38 feet or 12 yards, and two 3-5 mm beads for Cat's eyes.

macrame cat tutorial


Cat's Ears

1. Double a thread and make a knot in the middle. Pin it to a cushion. Then take two other cords and mount them on the first one with the Lark's Head knots (make an extra loop on each side). 

macrame cat

2. Make 4 rows of Hitches - you will have triangular Cat's ears (see Ears section of Macrame Bat tutorial for details).

macrame cat free tutorial

 3. Take 3 other cords and repeat steps 1-2 to create the second ear (but make sure that it is not identical - but mirrors the first ear).

Place the 7th cord horizontally underneath the Ears.

 Macrame kitty


Cat's Head

4. Make Double half hitches on the horizontal cord with each of the 12 ends.

macrame tutorial cat

5. Criss-cross two middle threads and tie Double Half hitches in chess order.

 macrame cat

 You will have this pattern when you're done:

macrame kitty

 6. Now to Cat's eyes. Make a Frivolite knot on one side of the base cord.. 

macrame cat

..Then pin the knot down and direct the working cord inward, then using it as a base cord, make on it two Double Half Hitches:  

macrame cat

 7. Then make Double half hitches on the first working cord, underneath the first row.

macrame cat tutorial

8. Continie making Double half hitches on the base cord (it wil be a contour of our Cat's face). Keep adding the previous working cord to the next base cord.

macrame cat

 9. Pull a bead through the 3rd cord of the eye. Then make a Double half hitch underneath. Then another one on the outer base cords.

10. Make the 4th pair of Double half hitches, then bring together the upper and the lower base cords (tie a Double half knot again). One eye is ready!

macrame cat

11. Continue with the Cat's nose (tie a Frivolite knot with and extra loop).

macrame cat

12. Finish the contour of the face. Keep tying the Double half hitches, but leave next three times the working cords out - these will be the Cat's whiskers.  

Repeat steps 6-11 to create another eye. Take four middle cords (the Cat's nose) and tie a Square knot

macrame cat tutorial 

13. Tie together the base cords from both sides of the Cat's face and tie then together with a Double half hitch knot or just a simple overhead knot. This is what you will have now:

macrame cat

 Cat's Body

14. Cut off the three top cords (whiskers).

15. Direct the outmost cord inward and using it as a base cord, make a row of Diagonal Hitches

macrame cat tutorial

16. Repeat on the other side.

macrame cat

 17. In the next row of Hitches use the outmost cord as a base again. Leave the first working cords out in the 3rd row.

18. Take the cords that you have left out and mount a doubled cord on each side. 

macrame cat tutorial

 19. Tie 3-4 Frivolite knots with one of the ends. Then take another end, direct it down, along the last row of Hitches (step 17) and tie two Double Half Hitches on it. Then take four cords in the middle and tie a Square knot.

macrame cat tutorial

20. Direct the working cord from the Frivolite knots (step 19) inward and tie two Double half Hitches with and extra loop on it. Repeat on another side.

21. Put together 4 cords in the middle (see picture below) and make 4-5 Squre knots on them. 

macrame cat tutorial

 22. Take two outmost cords. Mount one doubled cord on one side, and two - on the other (on this side will be the Cat's tail):

macrame cat tutorial

23. Take one of the ends of the doubled cord, that you just mounted, direct it inward, and tie on it two Double half Hitches (with and extra loop) - like in step 20. Repeat on  the other side.

macrame kitty

 24. Make 3 Frivolite knots on the outmost cord (repeating step 19).

macrame cat

25. Bring two outmost cords together and using them as a base, tie a Double Half Hitch with an extra loop. Then add a working cord to the base cords and tie another Double Half Hitch. Repeat on another side.

macrame kitty tutorial

26. Now take the outmost right working cord and direct it to the left. Tie on it Double Half Hitch knots with each of the cords (it should be 15 of them).

 macrame cat instructions


Cat's Tail

26. Take the last, 15th cord, and tie 8-10 Frivolite knots on the base cord. Point the sennit up, towards the doubled cord that we left out. 

27.  Using the two cords of the sennit as a base, tie on them one Double Half Hitch knot with one of the left-out cords. Take another end and keep making the Frivolite knots on two base cords.

macrame kitty

 28. Curve the sennit of the Frivolite knots in shape of cat's tail. 

macrame cat instructions

 29. Tie these two cords together and keep making the Frivolite knots with the leftover two cords (8-10 more knots).

30. Tie the cords to Cat's "side", make sure that knot is on underside of the Cat. Turn your work upside down and cut off all the extra threads. You can use some clear glue or a lighter to secure the knots (poly and waxed cord melts and seals the ends). 

macrame free patterns

You are done with your project - Macrame Cat!

 Back view of the Macrame cat:

macrame cat tutorial

 Front view

macrame kitty instructions