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Macrame Cat

Step-by-step tutorial

Macrame cat tutorial



macrame cat turorial

This Macrame cat is about 2,5" long. To make it you will need 7 threads (I used 1mm waxed cotton cord) 3' long each, and two 3-5 mm beads for Cat's eyes.

macrame cat tutorial


Cat's Ears

1. Double a thread and make a knot in the middle. Pin it to a cushion. Then take two other cords and mount them on the first one with Lark's Head knots second cord (make an extra loop on each side). 

macrame cat


2. Make 4 rows of Hitches - you will have triangular Cat's ears (see Ears section of Macrame Bat tutorial for details).

macrame cat free tutorial



3. Take 3 other cords and repeat steps 1-2 to create the second ear (but make sure that it is not identical - but mirrors the first ear). Place the 7th cord horizontally underneath the Ears.

 Macrame kitty


Cat's Head

4. Make Double half hitches on the horizontal cord with each of the 12 ends.

macrame tutorial cat


 macrame cat

macrame kitty


macrame cat


macrame cat


macrame cat tutorial

macrame cat


macrame cat how to


macrame cat


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