Macrame Lace Doily Tutorial 

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macrame doily tutorial


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The size of this Macrame Doily is about 15 inches in diameter plus 1-2 inches fringe. To make it you will need 260 yards of rope (1mm - 1 1/4 mm). This doily was made using jute twine.

I apologize for poor quality of the images! 

1. Attach 2 threads 3 yards each to your craft pillow. 

macrame lace doily tutorial

2. Make on them a Square knot with the 3rd thread (also 3 yards long).

macrame lace doily

3. Take another thread (again 3 yards long) - it will be a base cord for a row (circle) of Double half hitches.

4. Make on it a Double half hitch with one end of the working thread.

5. Then add another 3-yard cord using a Lark's head knot

6. Then make a Double half hitch with the next cord and mount one more cord (3 yards long). Repeat steps 4-5. You will add 4 extra threads total.

7. Connect the ends of the base cord with simple overhand knot. 

Now you should have a circle with 18 ends, like this:

8. Separate all ends on 6 parts (3 threads each). The first thread will be a base cord, and you make on it 2 Double half hitch knots with other 2 cords. 

The result will look like this:

9. Now make 2 more Double half hitch knots on the same base cords:

10. Take another 3 yards long cord - it will be a base for the next circle of Double half hitches

The pattern is: 1 Double half hitch made with a base cord + mount 3 additional cords (2 yards long each) + 2 Double half hitches with 2 working cords: 

This is how the Doily looks like now:

Connect two ends of the base cord with an overhand knot. 54 ends in our circle now!

11. Separate all the cords in sections of 3 threads. Make Square knots (one base cord, one working cord on each side, or 1-1-1) with each 3 cords.

12. Now take 2 working cords and make a short Chain braid consisting of 4 alternating left and right Loop knots.

13. Now make again Square knots (1-1-1) on each 3 threads.

14. Then again Chain braids consisting of 6 Loop knots.

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15. Then again Square knots (1-1-1) on 3 threads. 

16. Now it's turn for another base cord: take a 3 yards long cord and make on it Double half hitch knots with all the cords you have.

Plus 2 extra cords (1 yard long each) between each 3 Double half hitches:

17. Make sure that the base cord is not tight, and the doily lays flat on a surface. Spread out the knots evenly on base cord if needed. If the base cord is too tight, the whole doily will start curling up and warping. Connect the base cord's ends with an overhand knot. You should have a circle with 128 ends now!

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18. Separate section of 8 threads. We will make a Diamond pattern next.

19. Two middle threads will be base cords, direct them outward and make 3 Double half hitch knots on each of them.

20. Make a Square knot in a middle (2 working cords on each side and 2 base cords, or 2-2-2).

21. Then continue the  Diamond pattern: point both base cords inward and on them tie 3 Double half hitch knots on each side: the cords from the middle Square knot will be working cords.

22. Mount two more extra cords (1 yard long) on the base cords.

23. Connect the base cords with 2 alternating Loop knots.

Repeat creating the Diamond pattern with each 8 cords in the circle - 16 Diamonds total. And this is what we have now:

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24. Now we will make Diamond pattern on 12 cords - in between each 2 Diamonds from the the first row (6 cords from each side).

Start with two alternating Loop knots.

Then again Diagonal hitches and a Square knot (2-6-2) in a middle (steps 19-23 - but excluding step 22).

And finish with 2 Loop knots:

Repeat 16 times. Here is the result:

macrame mandala tutorial

25. Add one more cord (3 yards long) as a base for the final circle of Double half hitches. Make Double Half Hitch knots on the base cord with every end you have, adding 2 cords (2 feet long) in between each two Diamond patterns. Mount them on the base cord with a Lark's head knot. Again, don't tighten the base cord, keep the doily flat. This is what you should have at this point. There are.. ok, I don't know how many ends, I stopped counting!))

26. Then separate all the ends in sections of 6 cords, make 3 alternating Loop knots or a 1,5 Square knot (1-4-1) with each section. 

In the next row make the 1,5 Square knots in Chess pattern.

27. Add a base cord one last time, make on it Double Half Hitches with each cord you have.

macrame doily tutorial

How cut off the ends evenly, 1-2" away from the last row of knots, creating a fringe. The Macrame Lace Doily is ready!

This macrame doily was painted with fabric dye (using a painting brush).

macrame dreamcatcher tutorial

The pattern was created by macrame master Svetlana Yamolkina