Macrame Lanyard Diamonds Pattern Tutorial

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To make a 2 - 2.5 feet long lanyard you will need around 32 feet of cord (I used the silk/satin 1.5 mm cord) and a metal lanyard clasp. 

Measure two 10 feet cords and two 6 feet cords. The longer cords will be working cords and the shorter ones - base cords. The pattern is similar to this Diamond braid, but instead of 8 cords, we use 4.

1. Take all 4 cords, measure several inches from the ends, and attach them to your macrame board (I just doubled a 20 feet cord and a 12 feet cord).

IMG 6948


2. Next, take a shorter (6 feet) cord and pull it diagonally, it will be a base cord. Then with a longer cord (10 feet) make on it a Double Half Hitch knot (DHH). Pull the second shorter knot in the opposite direction and make on it another DHH knot.

IMG 6949

3. Cross the working cords, then take the left base cord and pull it to the right diagonally. With the right working cord, make a DHH knot on it. 

IMG 6950 

4. Now pull the right base cord to the left and make a DHH knot on it with the left working cord. Just remember that the shorter cords are always the base cords and the longer cords are the working ones. 

 IMG 6952

5.  Take a left base cord and, using it as a working cord, make a DHH knot on the right base cord. You have the first little Diamond in your Diamond pattern now!

IMG 6953

 6. Next, pull the base cords to the opposite sides and make a DHH knot on each side with the working cords. Cross the working cords.

IMG 6954

 7. Repeat steps 3-5 to create the second Diamond. 

IMG 6955


8. Repeat the pattern until your braid reaches desired length (2 - 2.5 feet). Make sure it fits comfortably around your head. 

IMG 6956

9. Once your Diamond pattern braid is done, make several Square knots on each end. Again, use the shorter cords as base and longer ones as working.

IMG 7013

IMG 7014


10. Put the Square knot braids together. Now all the ends of the braid on the top plus the base cords of the braid at the bottom will be base cords. Make around 10 Square knots with the working cords of the bottom braid. 

IMG 7015


You will have this Square knots braid that joins together both ends of the Diamond braid.

 IMG 7016

11. Pull the lanyard clasp through the Square knots braid and make a loop (bring the ends of the braid up).

 IMG 7017

12. Make a Square knot with the working cords on the Square knots braid (use the braid as a base). It was easier for me to do if I flip the whole piece upside down, so that's why the picture looks like this))

IMG 7018

 13. Turn the piece to the back side and tie a knot. Cut off the extra ends. You can also burn the threads off (if they are synthetic). 

IMG 7020


The Macrame Diamond pattern Lanyard is ready!


IMG 7024