Macrame Hammock Tutorial 

Step-by-step instructions with photos and scheme

 macrame hammock pattern

 macrame hammock pattern  

•X - Square Knot 

•W - Wind Knot 

•R - Double Half Hitch 

•S - Spiral Braid 

•G - "Gourmand" pattern 

•C - Chain Braid 

•K - Capuchin Knot 

•F - Frivolite 

•L - Loop Knot 

•H - Chameleon Braid 

•B - "Berry" Pattern 

•P - Petals Pattern 

•J - Josephine Knot 

•A - Lark's head knot 


To make this one-of-the-kind Macrame hammock you will need approximately 1000 yards of cord - 50 cords 20 yards each (poly 4mm cord works great), two sturdy metal rings (about 3" wide) and two wooden dowels (30" long, 0,5-1" diameter).

I Part

1. Hang 25 cords on a ring with the Lark's head knots. Then take other 25 cords, place them under each of the first 25 cords, and using them as working cords, make 25 Square knot braids 10" long.

macrame hammock

macrame hammock

2. Separate two Square knot braids on both sides and make Petals pattern on 8 cords. With the rest 21 braids in the middle make the 1st part of the main pattern of this hammock (see details below).

3. Continue with the Chess pattern (double Square knots version) in the middle and the Vertical Petals pattern on the sides. Then attach all the ends to the dowel with the Double Half Hitches knots.

macrame hammock pattern

The Main Pattern 

The entire middle part of the hammock is made of this pattern. 

macrame hammock pattern 

Here is how to recreate it.

1. Take one of the base cords of a Square knot and point it to the left. Make 3 Double Half Hitches with the working thread if the same Square knot and with two cords of the Square knot to the left. See the scheme below for more details.

macrame hammock 

In the second row use the first working cord as a base. Make again 3 Double Half Hitches creating Diagonal Hitches.

macrame hammock pattern

The same way make the second side of the rhombus. Intervine (criss-cross) the 4 cords in the middle.

macrame hammock pattern

Make the left side on the next rhombus to the right and connect it with the first rhombus with a Square knot (repeat on the left side).

macrame hammock tutorial

Make the lower sides of the rhombus and a connecting Square knot underneath. Here is a whole rhombus.

macrame hammock instructions

On the pictures below you can see base and working cords of the Main (rhombus) pattern. Here is a scheme for the first row of the Diagonal Hitches... 

macrame hammock pattern

...And this is for the second row:

macrame hammock how to

2. In the next step take 2 threads from the lower side of the rhombus, and using them as base cords, make on them 4 Double Half Hitches (2 cords from the next rhombus' side and 2 from the connecting Square knot). Repeat on the other side.

macrame hammock pattern


3. Make another 2 rows of the Double Half Hitches, using the treads from the Square knot as base cords and 4 cords from the previous row of the Double Half Hitches as working cords.


Macrame hammock

5. Make a Square knot underneath the rows of the Diagonal Hitches

macrame hammock pattern

6. Now create the second row of the rhombuses, starting from each of the Square knots (step 1). Keep repeating the pattern of the rhombuses and connecting rows of the Double Half Hitches. The design is pretty simple as soon as you get your hand in.

Finishing Macrame Hammock

You can add the Vertical Petals pattern on the edges of the hammock, connecting it to the main pattern with the Square knots.

macrame hammock instructions


The fringes, hanging off the edges of the hammock, and the butterfly embelishments, that you can see on the pictures, are completely optional. 

Once you reach the end of the project, you will have 25 Square knot braids (just like in the beginning). Tie each pair of the working cords on underside of your hammock. 

macrame hammock how to 

Next, attach each of the base cords (you will have 50) to the second metal ring with the Double Half Hitch knots.

macrame hammock



Tie working cords and base cords together (my working cords turned out much shorter than base cords) on the underside.

macrame hammock tutorial


Secure the knots by applying some clear glue on the knots and cut off extra cord.

macrame hammock finishing


Enjoy your beautiful and unique Macrame hammock!

macrame hammock


macrame hammock


The design and some of the images are courtesy of Antonina Kulikova and 

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