Macrame Jar Wrap

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Macrame jar wrap    

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Macrame jar wrap


For this Macrame Jar Wrap you will need one Mason jar regular size (a quart) and about 95-100 feet of thread (I used 1 mm nylon "silky" cord).

1. Cut 32 cords 3 feet each and one extra cord 1 foot long (put it aside for later). Lay one of the 3 feet cords flat (it will be a base cord) and mount other 31 cords on it, using the Lark's head knots with an extra loop on each side. You will have 62 ends plus two ends from the base cord.

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

2. Tie the base cord around the Mason's jar top (use a regular overhand knot).

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

3. Take any cord and place under the Double Lark's head knots and make a Horisontal Hitch with every end (use Double half Hitch knots with an extra loop)

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

4. Separate all the cords in 8 groups of 8 ends. Take the outmost left cord and point it inward and sligthly down. Then, using it as a base cord, make a Diagonal Hitch - tie 3 Double half Hitch knots. Next, take the first working cord and point in under the first Diagonal Hitch. Using it as a base cord, make a second row of Double half Hitch knots. Repeat with the 4 ends on the right. 

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

5. Tie a Square knot with the 4 ends in the middle. 

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

6. To add some dimension to your design, you can make a Berry knot instead of the Square knot (I alternated the Berry and Square knots).

Then take the 2 ends in the middle and point them outward, use them as base cords. Make Diagonal Hitches, consisting of 3 Double half Hitch knots. Then tie the second row of Hitches under the first one. 

Then repeat steps 4-6 eight times with each group of 8 cords. You will have this design - let's call it Petals (it resembles a 4-petal flower, doesn't it?) :

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

7. Take an extra cord (1 foot long) and tie it around the jar underneath the Petals pattern. It will be our base cord.

macrame jar wrap tutorial

Make a Horisontal Hitch on it with each end - you will have to tie 64 Double half Hitch knots. Cut off the extra base cord, if needed - apply some clear glue to keep the knot from untying.  

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

8. Make a Chess pattern of Square knots. 

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

9. In the 5th row of the Square knots, skip one knot:

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

10. Take the middle (base) cords from the Square knots in the 5th row. Point them outward and down. Repeat the 4-5 steps - you will have a top 2 petals / half-flower from the pattern at the top of the jar.  

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

11. Repeat the step 10 eight times with each group of 8 cords. 

12. Take 2 ends of each Petal pointing towards each other and put them together. Tie a sennit of 5-6 Square knots on these 4 ends - a short Square knots braid

macrame mason jar

13. Alternate the Square braids with Square knots. These Square knots you should tie with the 4 ends underneath each pair of Petals (highlighted with red on the image above). 

Finally, if you want, you can unravel the ends and cut them evenly and neatly to desired length. 

PS I used a satin cord that doesn't hold the knots very well and keep untying, so I applied some clear glue on the underside of each last Square knot at the bottom. 

Our Macrame Jar wrap is ready! Put some fairy lights inside the jar, turn off the lights and enjoy! You worked hard!

Macrame jar wrap tutorial

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