Hi, my name is Olga. I’m so glad you visited my website! I work at a hospital while raising two kids and taking classes at college. Also, I'm an amateur web designer and I love love love Macrame! (that you already knew)))

My first experience with macrame goes back to my childhood. When I was 10 I got sick and spent a week in bed. I was miserably bored, and that’s when my Mom brought me a library book about Macrame. It was love at the first sight, I wanted to make every pattern in that book! And I made a bookmark. Somehow it turned out looking like an ugly owl, but I still loved it and hung it above my bed. Then there were bracelets for my friends, other bookmarks, even a fancy boho purse. But when I grew up, life got so busy that I forgot about my hobby.. 

Many years later I couldn’t think of a subject for a website project for my web design courses. My teacher suggested to make a site about something I love to do and want to share with others - and I immediately thought about Macrame! I started posting my works and free tutorials on my website. Some of them were translations of vintage Russian books with interesting Macrame patterns and designs. Over the years I received hundreds of thankful messages from around the world. I’m happy to help others make beautiful wall hangings, plant hangers, ornaments, jewelry and other Macrame items, and inspire people to create their own, one-of-a-kind Macrame pieces.

Thank you for visiting my website and hope you will be back!